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Government Of Assam Pension & Public Grievances

Frequently Asked Question

1.What are the benefits available under pensionary benefits of a retd. Govt. servant ?

Ans : GIS, GPF leave encashment DCRG etc are included under pensionary benefits.

2. When does a retired Govt. servant becomes eligible to pension ?

Ans : A regular Govt. servant retired after rendering at least 10 years of continuous service is eligible for pension.

3. What is prorata/proportionate pension and full Superannuation pension ?

Ans : The amount of pension granted to a Govt. servant who rendered more than 10 years but less than 25 years of service is prorata pension. The pension granted to a retired Govt. servant who rendered maximum qualifying service (i.e. 25/33 years) is full Superannuation pension.

4. When does a pensioner become eligible to full Superannuation pension ?

Ans : A pensioner become eligible to full superannuation pension after rendering a maximum 25 years of qualifying service.

5. When should a Govt. servant start preparing his pension papers ?

Ans : A Govt. Servant should start preparing his pension papers before 2 years of his retirement and should submit pension papers to sanctioning authority prior to 6 months of his retirement.

6. Who is the pension sanctioning authority for teaching and non teaching staff of Govt. Schools and PRI pension employees ?

Ans : Director of Pension, Assam.

7. Who is the pension sanctioning authority for State Govt. pensioners other than those mentioned at Question no. (6) ?

Ans : Accountant General (A&E) Assam.

8. What is the procedure to obtain Commutation of Pension ? What is the limit for commutation from the pension of a retired Govt. servant ?

Ans : Pensioners shall duly fill up the prescribed form (Form – A) and submit the same to the AG/DP. After obtaining AR, P&PG Deptt. will sanction the commuted pension amount to the pension. 1/3rd of the Basic pension, except Judicial and AIS Service is the limit of commutation of pension at present.

9. When should a pensioner need to appear before ?Medical Board prior to his sanction of his commutation of pension ?

Ans : If a pensioner apply for commutation of pension after 1 year from the date of retirement. The Govt. servant who takes voluntary/compulsory retirement from service require to appear before Medical Board as per commutation of pension Rule 1965.

10. What are the different rates of interest charged to pensioners for commutation of pension loan ?

Ans : For pensioners who retire prior to 01/01/2013 rate of interest is 4.75%. After 01-01-2013, the rate of interest is 8%.

11. What is the maximum limit of Superannuation pension, family pension as per ROP 2016 ?

Ans : Maximum limit of Superannuation pension is Rs. 65,000/- Minimum limit of family pension is Rs. 5,500/-

12. What is CPGRAMS ?

Ans : It is Centralized Public Grievances Redressal and Monitoring System . Any citizen can lodge their grievances to this system.

13. How a Public grievance could be lodged in CPGRAMS ?

Ans : By logging in the System through internet the public grievance could be lodged in CPGRAMS

14. Is it possible to submit grievance offline ?

Ans : Yes.

15. Whom should One approach for status of his/her grievance lodged in CPGRAMS and offline mode ?

Ans : Public Grievances Officer/any other Officer in the P&PG Department for offline grievances. For grievances lodged in CPGRAMS, the Status can be viewed in the system itself.