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Government Of Assam Pension & Public Grievances

About Pension


1. Provisional pension and pensionery benefits are now admissible to Government servent soon after his/her retirement till finalisation of pension [ please refer O.M No- PPG(P) 7/2012/8 dated 01/06/2012]
2. All Government Employees are to prepare the pension papers 2 (two) years before their retirement and shall submit the pension papers to the competent authority 6 (six) months prior to retirement [ Please refer O.M No- PPG(P)317/2011/10 dated 26/9/2011]
3. Family Pension is now extended to the dependent parents/ brother(s) (up to 18 years of age) / sister(s) (up to 21 years of age or marriage whichever is earlier) of a deceased Government servent in addition existing provisions as laid down in A.S(P) Rules 1969.
4. The benefits like D.A, M.A is also now available to the family pension holders who are also is receipt of his superannuation pension [ please refer O.M No- PPG(P) 151/2004/51 dated 12/12/2016]
5. The benefits of Assam Service (ROP)2010 is now made available to the special family pension holders. They are also elligible to receive revised sp. Family pension as per the above Rule.
6. Commutation of pension at revised rate is now admissible to all pensioners of post 1.1.2006 who earlier availed the same in prerevised rate [ please refer O.M No- PPG(P)154/2014/Pt-II/34 dated 27/02/2017]
7. Govt. in P & PG Department has amended Rule 226 of AS(P) Rule 1969 to ease the payment of arrear pension to the pensioners by the administrative departments. Now onwards the administrative departments can sanction arrear pension amount upto Rs 1,00,000/- without the approval of pension sanctioning authority.
8. The procedure for claiming GIS savings amount after retirement / death of a Government servent is simplified through some amendments in the State Govt. Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1983 [ please refer O.M No- PPG(P)91/2012/8 dated 24/4/2013]
9. There are now 9 (nine) nos of nationalised banks that have been authorised to disburse pension to the retired Government servent/ Employees of the State Government [ please refer O.M NO.PPG (P) 202/2010/27 dated 22nd April, 2013]
10. P&PG Department issued instructions through Notification to all Administrative Department/ HOD and its subordinate offices to issue I-Cards to the State Govt Pensioners for their eassy access to Govt Office Premises including Janata Bhawan.[ please refer O.M No- PPG(G) 11/2012/83 dated 26th June, 2013]
11. Provisional Family Pension / Disability Pension / Invalid Pension / DCRG is also extended to the family of the deceased Govt Employee/ Disabled Govt Employee who are covered under New Pension Scheme .[ please refer O.M NO PPG(P) 165/2014/17 dated 14/01/2016]
12. With effect from 1-1-2013 the rate of interest for commutation of pension has been revised to 8% per annum from existing 4.75 % per annum for pensioners retired on or after 01/01/2013. [ please refer O.M NO PPG(P)366/2011/32 dated 12/02/2013]
13. In the case of a missing Government servant/pensioner, family pension can be paid after a period of 1 (one) year from the date of lodging an FIR with the police authorities.
14. Normal family pension is now at a uniform rate of 30% of pay last drawn, subject to a minimum of Rs. 1800 (w.e.f. 1.4.2009).
15. In the event of death of a family pensioner, the arrears of family pension is automatically payable to the eligible member of the family next in line. Succession certificate for payment of the arrears is required only in such cases where there is no family member eligible to receive family pension after the death of the family pensioner.
16. For regular Government Employees, minimum 10(ten) years of continuous and confirmed service is required for eligibility of pension and other retirement benefits at proportionate rate. For full superannuation pension the required maximum Qualifying Service is 25 (twenty five) years. In case of temporary Govt. Servents i.e. regularised M.R/ W.C Workers minimum qualifying service for availing pension is 20 (twenty) years.


1.The maximum limit of all types of gratuity has been raised to Rs. 7 lakhs w.e.f. 1.4.2009

2.Interest (at the rate applicable to market rate) is payable on delayed payment of DCRG, if it is sufficiently delayed due to administrative lapse.

Qualifying Service

1. Qualifying service of 6 months and above but less than 12 months may be rounded-off into a completed six-monthly period for the purpose of computation of both pension and DCRG. The period of nine months would thus be considered as one half year.

2. Dismissal or removal/ resignation of a Government servant from a service or post entails forfeiture of his/her past service and pension/ family pension is not admissible.


1. No specific orders are necessary for retirement on due date but information to the concerned Govtservent is to be given prior 6 months of his/her date of retirement.

2. Encashment of leave is a benefit granted under AS (Leave) Rules 1934 (revised) and thus not a pensionary benefit. As per the current provision, no interest is payable on the delayed payment of leave encashment.

3. Payments under State Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (SGEGIS) are not terminal benefit and cannot be withheld. No Government dues can be recovered from the accumulation except the amount claimed by the financial institution as dues from the employee on account of loans taken for house building purpose. No interest is payable on account of the delayed payments under this scheme.

4. The services rendered under Municipality/ Board/ Trust and other autonomous bodies or organizations does not come under the purview of the Assam Services (Pension) Rule 1969 and hence no claims for pension etc. of such employees are entertained.