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Government Of Assam Pension & Public Grievances

Apply for Medical Examination

For Commutation of Pension

The medical authority shall:

  • obtain from the applicant a statement in Part-I of Form I, duly signed by the applicant in its presence
  • subject the applicant to medical examination and enter the result thereof in Part-II of Form I
  • attest the unattested copy of the photograph of the applicant
  • complete the certificate contained in Part-III of Form C.

Provided that where:-

  • an applicant has been applied for commutation of pension after 1 year of his superannuation.
  • an applicant has been applied for commutation of pension after taking VRS under Rule 97,98 of As(P) Rules 1969
  • an applicant has been refused commutation on medical grounds, or
  • an applicant had declined to accept the commutation on the basis of addition of years to his actual age, the medical authority shall, before completing the certificate contained in Part-III of Form C, take into consideration the statement of the medical case of the applicant

After complying with the requirements of sub-rule (1), the medical authority shall without delay forward to the Pension & Public Grievances Department for onward necessary action.

For invalid Pension

A Government servent during his service life is incapacitated due to illness , he is allowed to take invalid pension subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions as laid down in A.S(P) Rules 1969. The concerned Head of Department/ Admn Deptt has to follow Rule 83 of A.S(P) Rules 1969 in such type of cases prior allowing a Govt Servent to go on invalid pension. If any dificulty/confusion arises in this regards they may consult with P&PG Deptt for removal of the same.

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